Accounts Writing

  • Preparation & maintenance of the day to day book keeping & monthly or quarterly accounts & statutory accounts & statutory year & financial statement as per specific client instruction
  • Accounting system setup, design & implementation for new businesses according to requirements
  • Personal & projected financial statements preparation
  • Interim financial reporting
  • Financial analysis & ratio analysis
  • Accounts payable & receivable
  • Debtors & inventory control management
  • Asset accounting management
  • Cash flow statements, cash disbursement & cash application
  • Bank reconciliation statements
  • MIS reporting

Income Tax

  • To obtain Account number (PAN) and Tax Deduction / Collection Account Number (TAN) online
  • Preparation and filing of income tax returns, including with holding tax returns for tax purposes in physical and electronic form.
  • Preparation of advance taxes and tax planning
  • Online consultancy for frequency asked questions
  • Employee Tax returns
  • Filing of returns of the entire company employees
  • To follow up income tax returns
  • Registration of trust for charitable purposes
  • Advice including opinions on various tax issues
  • Tax strategies. Tax planning and Tax Compliances
  • Preparation and filing of various tax Returns such as Annual Income Tax return.
  • Review of various tax returns filed
  • Helping the client make sound investment decision and him avail various rebates and deductions
  • Analysis the cash requirements of the business and making cash forecasts for planning the future
  • Representation before the statutory authorities

MVAT Services

  • Obtaining initial registrations
  • Filing / checking of periodical returns & remittance of taxes;
  • Minimization of tax exposure & structuring business transactions;
  • Training of staff in sales tax, VAT & record keeping
  • Assist in compliance of procedures 7 availing tax benefits;
  • Assistance during assessment;
  • Litigation services involving strategy, preparation & filing of appeals & representation before the authorities;
  • Advisory services in relation to the VAT legislation
  • Assistance in claiming VAT input credits
  • Suggestions on the right strategy to minimize the global VAT incidence.

MVAT Audit

  • Reconciling the balances as per the Audited Balance Sheet & Periodical returns filed
  • Preparation of consolidations
  • Preparation & filing of VAT audit form in Form No. 704
  • Tallying of the C forms

ETDS Returns

  • TDS calculation & payments (monthly)
  • Preparation & filing of Quarterly ETDS returns, on the basis of TDS payments made
  • Replies to the notices raised by the Departments with regard to the ETDS returns already filed & filing of Revised Returns, if necessary
  • Preparation of TDS Certificates in Form No.16 A (for non-salaried) & Form No.16 (Salaried)

Service Tax

  • Obtaining of service tax registration by making an application in Form No.ST-1
  • Records to be maintained & invoices
  • Classrooms of services
  • Monthly/Quarterly Service Tax Payments
  • Filing of half yearly service tax returns with the concerned departments
  • Claiming of Input Service Tax on accurate & timely basis
  • Claiming of abatements & deductions
  • Adjustments of excess service tax paid
  • Notice & visit by department officer
  • Assessment
  • Revision & appeal
  • Refund of tax

Payroll Services

  • Preparation of payroll
  • Employee assessment & appraisal systems
  • Preparation of salary slips
  • Maintenance of salary register
  • Preparation & filing of various returns under social security, Insurance, Tax & employment legislation
  • Deduction & timely deposit of various statutory & Tax deductions
  • Management reporting
  • Payment Instructions
  • Registrations, Permissions & approvals
  • Other payroll formalities concerning local fiscal authority & employment agencies
  • Tax efficient salary structure
  • Administration of Commissions, Incentive, Bonus Payment & reimbursement of staff expenses
  • Administration of Pension Schemes & Private Health Insurance

Company Law Matter

  • Formation of Private/Public limited company
  • Drafting of memorandum & article of association of companies.
  • Conversation of a private company into a public company & public Ltd. Into a private Ltd.
  • Changing the name of the company.
  • Change of registered office.
  • Alteration of main objects of the company.
  • Statutory meeting & statutory report.
  • Appointment of directors & their remuneration.
  • Inter corporate investments.
  • Amalgamation, merger & acquisition of companies.
  • Payment of dividend by companies
  • Buy back of shares. Formulation of Companies
  • Preparation & Filing of ROC Returns


  • Life Insurance ICICI Prudential


  • Portfolio management
  • IPOs
  • Mutual fund
  • Investment in Post Office Savings
  • Eligible investments under Chapter VI A

Labour Law services

  • Profession Tax
  • Shop and Establishment Registration
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